7 Questions – Know Your Chapter President Better

Chapter President, Carol Parker Walsh, AICI CIC, answers a few questions so we can get to know her better.


Q1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m originally a California native and will always be a California girl at heart. I grew up, however in Chicago and it was there that I finished high school, received my BA in Organizational Communication from Loyola University and my law degree in Employment & Labor Law at Chicago-Kent Law School. Later I received my PhD in Human Development and Social Systems. I’m married to another California native who ended up in the Pacific Northwest as well. We have two gorgeous kiddos, our son Nick a 20 year old college student and our daughter a 17 year old college bound high school senior. When I was younger, I wanted to sing on Broadway or in the Opera and I actually studied at the Chicago Conservatory of Music for 2 years. I’m also soon to be 53 years old, which I’m rather proud of!

Q2. What made you become an image consultant ?

I’ve always loved fashion, shopping, and clothes. After a career in law, I experienced a bit of burnout and wanted my work to be fun. I started building a retail jewelry business and this served as the jumping off point into becoming an Image Consultant. So I searched training programs, became a certified image consultant and most recently an AICI Certified Image Consultant.
I absolutely LOVE the versatility of this industry, the work you can do and the clients and corporations you can work with. It’s like being a holistic practitioner because you have the ability to work with individuals and businesses in such diverse ways.

Q3. What is the biggest challenge you find in being successful in this profession and how do you tackle it ?

I’ve found 3 key areas of challenge and I don’t believe I’m alone in this, having spoken to other image consultants. First, the public have no clear understanding of the profession. There’s no real industry standard for being an image consultant and anyone can really call themselves an image consultant whether they have any formal training or not. In addition, most individuals don’t know the difference between a stylist, image consultant, fashion blogger, or style influencer and many of use the terms synonymously which fuels the confusion.

This leads to my second point which the varied nature and capacity of the work image consultants can do. Because we’re trained in appearance, behavior, and communication, any image consultant can specialize in one, two or all of these areas. When I started, I was focused on the appearance aspect ignoring all of my previous education and training in the other two. Now, after 2 years in this industry I’m gaining clarity on the work I want to do, but the breadth of the field and possibilities was a bit overwhelming and I struggled with trying to be all things to all people.

Finally, there’s no clear path for building an image business, which I believe has something to do with the two issues I’ve outlined above. Other industries are more forthcoming with what they did to find success, I know because I’ve been in a few careers over my life.

As a result the profession is very good at educating and preparing you for the myriad of ways you can work with clients but once you reach the end of this you’re kind of dropped off cliff and expected to build your wings are you’re falling.

Those who do learn how to do that succeed and for that reason may be less than forthcoming on how they did that, and for the others…well you get the picture. So I’ve had to get some coaching and mentoring and recall what I did when I build my last 6-figure consulting practice and put all that to work for me.

Q4. Who is your inspiration ?

In life, my late Aunt Mary! She was an innovator and survivor. I learned so much about how to live my life and achieve my goals. From afar, I look to so many powerful women who have blazed a trail for me and walked a path of authenticity and truth. From Harriet Tubman to India.Aire and Helen Keller to Marianne Williamson.

Q5. What are you doing when you are not working ?

My two favorite activities (outside of traveling) is reading and watching movies!

Q6. What is the one style advice you would give to everyone ?

Take the time to get to know yourself, what you love, and what reflects and fuels who you are! From there your style will emerge and when it does embrace it and your significance.

Q7. What is your advice to future image consultants ?

Take the time to figure out what you want to do with your image business, who you want to work with and the type of work you want to do. Be open to the possibility that your interest and focus may change but try to don’t to do everything all the time, it will drive you crazy. This business is beautifully and surprising creatively complex so the sky is the limit as an image consultant.

To learn more about Carol, please visit her website Evolve Image Consulting.
This article originally appeared in the AICI SFBA Chapter Newsletter.

Message from our President

Our 2016-2017 President, Carol Parker Walsh, shares with us her thoughts about for the coming year – the goals and aspirations she has for our Chapter. We thank Carol for assuming the responsibility of leadership of our Chapter. Now, it’s our turn to do our part!

Carol 2016

Greetings AICI SFBA Chapter Members!

It is with considerable honor, excitement and pleasure that I assume the role as your Chapter President. Although I’ve only been a member of the AICI community for a little under two years, I’ve grown as an image consultant and leader through my involvement with this incredibly diverse and dynamic community. I look forward to continuing my development along side each of you.

Whether you are inactive, slightly active, or fully active with the SFBA Chapter I want to take a moment to invite you to step up and join with your incoming board to elevate and advance the profession. As with anything, the only way to truly realize change is to actively participate in the process. We know that to be particularly true with each of your clients. Although they may ask us to “tell them” what to wear or how to act, as professionals we know that change can come and remain lasting if, and only if, our clients fully participate in the process. I’m asking you now to re-engage with the SFBA chapter and help create the change you would like to see.

My goal this year, as your Chapter President, is to help each of our members grow and advance their businesses. How will we do that? Well that’s where you come in! In order to create educational opportunities, provide resources, and facilitate business development we’ll need to know what programming you’d like to see, how you want to be involved, and your active participation. Why not? After all you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. We won’t be hosting our annual Education Conference in 2017, but instead will be looking at hosting webinars, boot camps, and seminars virtually (so more of you can attend) on topics of your choice and inviting you to share your collective expertise with your image colleagues. Intrigued? Then join in to learn more.

My dear colleagues, let’s come together and create a chapter that serves, elevates, and advances each of us, our business, and our profession. You know you want to and we couldn’t be more pleased to work along side you.

Here’s to a transformative year with the AICI SFBA Chapter!!

Peace & Blessings,
Carol Parker Walsh

Please visit our Board of Directors page for information on how to contact Carol or any of our Board members.

Welcome to Our New Chapter Board of Directors

This is the time of year we thank our out-going Board of Directors for their year of service and, in turn, welcome in the new Board for 2016-2017. This year’s installation of officers took place at Jasper’s restaurant in San Francisco. We also gave special recognition to our Chapter Member of the Year, Elena Daciuk, and our Rising Star, incoming-President Carol Parker Walsh. (We’ll tell you more info about these two deserving award recipients in an upcoming post.)

Our new Chapter Board of Directors is:

President: Carol Parker Walsh
Secretary & VP Membership: Malia Anderson
Treasurer: Connie Bozant
VP Programs & Education: Michelle Augenstein
VP Communication: Nupur Singh
VP Social Media/Marketing: Adena DiTonno
Immediate Past President: Danean Gallaher

New Board

Connie Bozant, Danean Gallaher, Nupur Singh, Michelle Augenstein, Malia Anderson, Adena DiTonno, Carol Parker Walsh

For highlights of the evening, please enjoy this short video. We hope you’ll want to participate in the exciting programs we have in store for our members during the year!

Meet Your 2015-2016 Co-VP Education Conference – Connie Bozant

Conniie Bozant (2)

Connie Bozant is the founder and owner of SEE Image Consulting & Boutique in Santa Clara, CA. She founded the company on the belief that no two people are the same but each is awesomely created with unique characteristics that make us who we are. Connie is passionate about inspiring and empowering women to believe in themselves and search for the beauty within and let it reflect on the outside. She uses her image, styling, and marketing expertise to help her clients refine their unique styles and present their best selves with less stress and more ease. Connie enjoys helping her clients discover the essence of who they are, their awesomeness, and position themselves for the best opportunity for success. Although her main focus is on helping women, Connie also works with male clients to help them build a wardrobe that depicts their best selves and create an opportunity for personal and professional success.

What you might not know about Connie:

Connie believes that while change could be difficult, if you embrace change, good opportunities could arise that would otherwise not be possible. Connie enjoys changing her look and expressing herself through her style. She also loves reading, having deep conversation, and finding beauty in the not so obvious.

How to contact Connie:


Meet Your 2015-2016 Chapter Secretary – Wendy Shindler


Wendy is a mom, a former Silicon Valley tech business person, an entrepreneur and the founder of Clothes-Wise, a personal wardrobe styling company serving individual clients, social and professional organizations and corporate accounts in the San Francisco Bay area.

Wendy’s clients are people who, like herself, are navigating large life transitions: Back-to-work, college-to-work, new career, dating-ready, looking amazing after 50, or simply dressing the body you’re in right now. She also enjoys working with busy professionals who want to look ‘on point’ but need dressing to be quick and easy.

Wendy earned her BA at Northeastern University and completed a course of study in Buying and Merchandising at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City.  She is an active member of the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), and is serving her first term on the Board. She received her training from AICI-certified Image Consultants/Trainers.

What you might not know about Wendy:

Wendy sings in the Stanford Memorial Church Choir. During the holidays, she dances in the Pacific Ballet School’s Nutcracker party scene.

How to contact Wendy:


Meet Your 2015-2016 VP Marketing/Social Media – Adena DiTonno

Adena DiTonno

Adena DiTonno has been a Chapter member for five years and has served on the Board for two years as Treasurer, as President in 2012-2013, and is returning for her second year as VP of Marketing/Social Media/Website. Her business is adenaDesigns in Redwood City CA, with a focus on helping women define and integrate their personal style into their wardrobes, so they can feel confident they are making the most of themselves every day.  As a former product marketing and advertising executive, she also helps other image consultants with their marketing needs.

What You Might Not Know About Adena:

Adena was born in Roswell, New Mexico and raised on a wheat farm in Kansas.  She loves to travel (especially to Italy to visit her husband’s family), golf, read, and play the piano, and absolutely adores her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bucky.

How to Contact Adena:


Meet Your 2015-2016 Co-VP Education Conference – Carol Parker Walsh

Carol Parker Walsh

Carol Parker Walsh has had a varied career before becoming an image consultant. She practiced labor and employment law for 10 years in Chicago, and after earning her Ph.D. in Human Development and Social Systems she worked as a professor of leadership and social determinants of health for seven years in Portland, Oregon. Carol next became the Director of Oregon’s Public Health Program and then Associate Dean for Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, CA. She was honored with the Woman of Achievement Award for her work and contribution to her community in 2009. Over the last five years Carol has been a stylist with Silpada Designs Jewelry excelling to the rank of Silver Manager with a team of over 100 women. Last year she achieved Career Recruiter, #1 Recruiter, and #3 Business Builder in the Pacific Northwest after just four years with the company. Working with women, and men, while with Silpada rekindled her love for fashion and styling and upon her 50th birthday last year decided to pursue the next chapter of her career as the founder and owner of Evolve Image Consulting. As a licensed Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator Carol works to help her clients find their authentic style, learn to embrace their significance, and transform their live through their wardrobe.  Carol now serves as on the Board as Co-VP of Education.

What You Might Not Know About Carol:

Carol was born, the last army brat, at Fort Ord in Monterey, CA and raised in the Bay Area of California (Palo Alto/Menlo Park). She grew up in Chicago and has also lived in Maryland, Virginia, and Georgia. She’s the mom of 3 fabulous kiddos (Nick at CalPoly-SLO, Madelyn and Xoie juniors in high school) and 1 sweet golden-doodle named Manny. Carol loves to travel and while in college studied opera as a mezzo-soprano at the Chicago Conservatory of Music.

How to Contact Carol:


Meet Your 2015-2016 VP Membership – Mariann Layne

Mariann Layne

Mariann Layne, owner of Mariann Layne Image and Fashion Consulting, is passionate about helping people find their unique style as well as understanding how to dress so that they feel happy inside and ultimately radiate this beauty on the outside.  She believes that feeling good about yourself is a key ingredient to being happy in life.  She specializes in style assessments, closet audits, outfit creation, and personal shopping.

She is a certified Universal Style Consultant and has studied with some of the foremost experts in the field of image consulting.  She is also a Carlisle Consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Napa Valley. Mariann is returning for her second year as VP Membership for the Chapter.

What You Might Not Know About Mariann:

Mariann’s first career was as a Speech Pathologist and she holds an Master’s Degree in that field.  She then changed careers and spent 25 years working in corporate America as the senior staff member of corporate and marketing communications.  She holds an MBA in marketing. Mariann loves to travel and and this Spring she and her husband visited many of the hill towns in Umbria and also spent several days in the Cinque Terra area whose towns are located on hills too.  Guess what?  Hill towns are on hills which means lots of hiking up and down and using stairs to get from one section to another. She’s proud to report that one day her Fitibit registered 57 flights of stairs and more than 7 miles.  Her comment was, “bring on the pasta!” No guilty feelings about eating that dinner!

How to contact Mariann:


Meet Your 2015-2016 VP Communications – Pat Gray


Pat Gray AICI FLC is a Color Specialist member of CDI and a certified Universal Style consultant. She has served as Treasurer and President of the Chapter, and is entering her fourth term as VP Communications. She specializes in color analysis, style consultations, and wardrobe audits.

What You Might Not Know About Pat:

​ ​​Pat enjoys a wide variety of activities including weaving, knitting, reading, long walks with her dog, 5K’s and 10K’s, and travel. She’s recently moved from the SF Bay Area to Carmel Valley, where she invites you for wine tasting–20 tasting rooms within a 1 mile walk.

How to Contact Pat:


Meet Your 2015-2016 President-Elect & Treasurer – Elena Daciuk

Elena new

Elena is owner of Styling Fabulous – specializing in style consults, closet edits, personal shopping and speaking engagements for both women & men in the San Francisco Bay Area & Sacramento.  She also owns an online consignment boutique, Styling Fabulous Consignment Boutique, which offers beautiful gently used & “new with tags” items from size 0 to 3x…(currently showing over 1300 items!) Her passion is helping men and women achieve their own personal style…one closet at a time.  Elena has served on the Board for the last three years as Treasurer and most recently, President.

What you might not know about Elena:

Elena was born in San Francisco and raised in Burlingame, but comes from a close-knit family of Ukranian and Argentinian roots. This background has resulted in Elena’s ability to speak, read & write four languages: Ukranian, Russian, Spanish and English. (Need some translating, anyone?)  Elena’s loves are traveling (warm weather preferred), museums, opera, ballet, concerts, hiking, gardening & reading.  She loves spending time with family and friends – and enjoys trying out new restaurants.  She is the proud mommy of her furry one-eyed child, Sasha and is looking to adopt a 2nd kitty this year.

How to contact Elena:


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