AICI Certification


AICI certification validates your credibility within the image industry and with your clients. Certification is a great marketing tool to build your business and attract clients.

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  • It validates your credibility as a professional
  • Certification boosts your self-confidence
  • Helps you to keep on track with professional growth
  • Can boost your income potential
  • Increases recognition from peers: status and prestige
  • Increases visibility of AICI, and thus its members, to the general public
  • Increases legitimacy of AICI to be a voice for members to the general public
  • Allows members to hold officer position on the International Board
  • Members with higher credentials are the leaders in the field
  • Certified members are more likely to comply with standardized practices and code of ethics – which increases the credibility of the industry as a whole


There are three levels of certification:

At this level, AICI CIC certifies that you have achieved certain standards in the image consulting industry and that you keep abreast of current thinking and technical knowledge. Many consultants apply for the AICI CIC designation after they complete their initial image consulting training and start a business. This certification gives you credibility and self-confidence to be an image consultant. A consultant receiving the Certified Image Consultant may write “AICI CIC” after his/her name.

  • Many consultants apply for the AICI CIC designation after they complete their initial image consulting training and start a business.
  • The CIC consist of two steps: passing the AICI CIC Exam and preparing a successful AICI CIC Application/Portfolio.
  • A consultant whose AICI CIC Application is accepted may write “AICI CIC” after his/her name.
  • Read all about the CIC Exam HERE

This valued certification builds your credibility as an experienced, professional image consultant, thereby helping you market your established image business.

  • An AICI CIP will feel more competent, have more hands-on experience and, therefore, receive more business opportunities with this certification. Successful people want to hire other successful people.
  • The application is open to individuals who have achieved the AICI First Level Certification and have been either a full-time practicing image consultant for at least two (2) years or a part-time practicing image consultant for four (4) years.
  • A consultant whose AICI CIP Application is accepted may write “AICI CIP” after his/her name.
  • You can learn more HERE

The CIM  reflects the highest level of consultant in the industry.

  • The application is open to anyone who has been an AICI CIP for a minimum of five (5) years. They must also have been in a leadership position within the image profession.
  • Applicants need to demonstrate, with proof, 2000 hours per year of full-time work; an extensive Continuing Education record; a professional fee structure; a history of personal and professional achievements; original systems or developed work such as and not confined to books, booklets, teaching or training aids, and/or image products; professionally produced high-level products; a commitment to AICI and high-level participation on AICI or other boards; recognition by peers; and a recognized brand in the industry.
  • A consultant receiving the Master Certification may write “AICI CIM” after his/her name.