About AICI

The Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) is the leading and largest professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide. A non-profit organization, AICI is dedicated to advancing the level of professionalism and enhancing the recognition of image consultants. Our members counsel both individual and corporate clients on appearance, behavior, communication skills, etiquette and international protocol. As experts in image consulting, our members guide clients to achieve their specific goals with authenticity, credibility and confidence.


It is my pleasure not only to be back on the Board, but to be back as President.

I have a member of AICI for many years and honestly there was a time that I was not sure if I wanted to stay in AICI. Looking back the reason for that was, I was not actively involved. I was not engaged. I was losing interest.

Sound familiar?

As your President, along with the Board of Directors, I will work diligently to understand why and hopefully reverse the trend of members losing interest and or leaving AICI altogether. I will do my best to align my words with actions.

In the coming year, we hope to offer modern, relevant and easily executable ideas and knowledge through webinars, seminars, the Education Conference and hopefully input from the membership, that will give all members the opportunity to start, expand or revamp their Image Consulting businesses!

AICI SFBA Chapter has always been known for our Education Conferences. With our Education Conference around the corner, I warmly extend an invitation to SFBA Members to take the Membership Survey that will be emailed shortly so that you may voice comments, concerns, ideas and recommendations that will enhance your Image Consulting career:

  • What topics peak your interests?
  • What speakers will excite you?
  • How can AICI SFBA help you boost your Image Consulting career?

Even if you are not a Board member, you are a member of AICI SFBA and your voices and ideas are not only important, but matter! I have an open-door policy and you may Contact Me.

I have always felt, and still do, that the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of AICI is the best chapter of AICI. I am proud to be a President of the AICI SFBA Chapter grand in members with exceptional talent and commitment to their fields of expertise.

Always be Fabulous!


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