Message from our President

Our 2016-2017 President, Carol Parker Walsh, shares with us her thoughts about for the coming year – the goals and aspirations she has for our Chapter. We thank Carol for assuming the responsibility of leadership of our Chapter. Now, it’s our turn to do our part!

Carol 2016

Greetings AICI SFBA Chapter Members!

It is with considerable honor, excitement and pleasure that I assume the role as your Chapter President. Although I’ve only been a member of the AICI community for a little under two years, I’ve grown as an image consultant and leader through my involvement with this incredibly diverse and dynamic community. I look forward to continuing my development along side each of you.

Whether you are inactive, slightly active, or fully active with the SFBA Chapter I want to take a moment to invite you to step up and join with your incoming board to elevate and advance the profession. As with anything, the only way to truly realize change is to actively participate in the process. We know that to be particularly true with each of your clients. Although they may ask us to “tell them” what to wear or how to act, as professionals we know that change can come and remain lasting if, and only if, our clients fully participate in the process. I’m asking you now to re-engage with the SFBA chapter and help create the change you would like to see.

My goal this year, as your Chapter President, is to help each of our members grow and advance their businesses. How will we do that? Well that’s where you come in! In order to create educational opportunities, provide resources, and facilitate business development we’ll need to know what programming you’d like to see, how you want to be involved, and your active participation. Why not? After all you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. We won’t be hosting our annual Education Conference in 2017, but instead will be looking at hosting webinars, boot camps, and seminars virtually (so more of you can attend) on topics of your choice and inviting you to share your collective expertise with your image colleagues. Intrigued? Then join in to learn more.

My dear colleagues, let’s come together and create a chapter that serves, elevates, and advances each of us, our business, and our profession. You know you want to and we couldn’t be more pleased to work along side you.

Here’s to a transformative year with the AICI SFBA Chapter!!

Peace & Blessings,
Carol Parker Walsh

Please visit our Board of Directors page for information on how to contact Carol or any of our Board members.


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