Pack an Extra Suitcase and Pay it Forward

If you’re one of the lucky ones coming to our Education Conference on February 6-8, you may already be thinking about what outfits you want to put together (who are we kidding – of course you are!) This is one time where making do with a carry-on isn’t all that important. In fact, we recommend you pack an extra suitcase and help a worthy cause at the same time.

wardrobe for oppor logoWe’re once again asking all attendees to help support Wardrobe for Opportunity (WFO), a charity that helps women and men re-entering the work force by providing them with professional attire that will help them shine on their interviews and at work. WFO helps their clients choose outfits for their interviews, dressing them from head-to-toe, including scarves/ties, necklaces, blouses, suits, pants, and shoes. Specifically we will be collecting all types of new and gently used accessories and shoes. You can clean out your closets and help a worthy cause at the same time!

Some criteria when selecting items for donation are:

  • Does your item help to set someone up for success on the interview or for a job?
  • Can this item be worn by another person right away?
  • Will someone feel more confident when wearing this?

wfo pic 1We’ll be accepting the following items (clean, undamaged and showing no untoward signs of wear) during Conference:

Belts…briefcases…cuff links…earrings…necklaces…

pins…purses…scarves…shoes…tie clips…

ties…unopened hosiery and socks…watches

You’ll get a receipt for your donations, but even more you’ll get the inner reward of helping men and women who will truly value those items that are languishing in your closet. So go ahead – pack that extra suitcase guilt-free!

Written by AICIWestRegion

We represent the US West Region of our global professional association, supporting image and style professionals with education and community.

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