Word of Mouth is the Best Referral!

Sue Donnelly
Sue Donnelly

When it comes to referrals, we all know that you just can’t beat word-of-mouth. That’s why we’re happy to share comments from others who have attended presentations by Sue Donnelly, one of the speakers at our Annual Education Conference, February 7-9.  If you’ve already registered for Conference, this will give you a pat on the back that you’ve made a good choice.  If you’re still on the fence, you may just want to click on this link and get signed up now!

“Inspirational  Easy, relaxed presentation  – like her style and the content offered a refreshingly new  perspective  – of great value, being a  straight down the middle ( score of 12) right/ left brained woman.”

“Thanks for a very refreshing speaker in Sue Donnelly- I was inspired and enthralled by her session.
It certainly gave me the confidence to continue to use my right brain creativity for myself, in the way I shop, present my services to others and how I deliver consultations to customers.
“I found her entertaining (that always helps), she knew her business and gave a new slant to the consultation format. Some good new ideas.  Definitely food for thought.”
Maybe you’d like to hear a bit more about one of Sue’s presentations in her own words.  Enjoy!



Written by AICIWestRegion

We represent the US West Region of our global professional association, supporting image and style professionals with education and community.

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